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Service Basic Service

Keeping your car service history up to date not only keeps your car running as smoothly as the day it rolled off the assembly line but it gives you a chance to get any minor faults bought to your attention before they develop into major faults and cause any further damage.

We give a 264 point safety inspection of up to 2 and a half hours on every Basic service changing the oil and oil filter along with fluid and oil checks and top ups.

We use Volkswagen and Audi approved oils.

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Service Major Service

A major service will help your cars power, performance and aid smooth running and will cure some basic running issues.

Keeping up with your cars service regime will not only prevent running issues but will find any future issues and stop them before they become a problem.

When the day comes to sell your car on, an up to date service book will increase the value of your car.

We also do complete computer ECU readout and include up to 30 minuets diagnostic time if needed.

Our Major service consists safety inspection of up to 2 and a half hours and we change the oil filter, oil, air filter, fuel filter, sparkplugs along with fluid and oil checks and top ups.

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Cambelt Cambelt

Not keeping up with your cambelt could cause excessive damage to your engine.

You need to change your cambelt every 4 years/40,000 miles and 5 years/ 50,000 miles on newer Volkswagen and Audi group cars.

We offer a 4 year/60,000 warranty on our cambelt services for complete peace of mind.

We recommend fitting a new water pump at the time of changing your cambelt as there is very little difference in labour and a new belt (being that little bit tighter) will offer put stress on the water pump causing it to leak and fail.

This may result in major engine damage.

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Clutch Clutch

The first sign that your car needs a new clutch could include such symptoms as:

Car loosing power up hill

Clutch pedel high

Hard to change or select gear

Cars rev’s periodically increase while driving

Car shakes on pull away

A clutch is a big job removing many car componements like suspension and gearbox and sub frame.

All these parts need to be fitted and put back correctly and we recommend only a main dealer or a Volkswagen & Audi Specialist.

We use only the highest quality parts for our own and your peace of mind and give a 2 year guarantee on all our work.

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Gearbox Service Gearbox Service

Renewing your gearbox oil can increase the life of your gearbox dramatically.

It is an essential service that often gets over looked.

A gearbox oil change can remove the build up of metal swarf that can damage the internals of the gearbox.

Not every gearbox will need this service as some are sealed units. If your not too sure if the gearbox in your car is a serviceable unit please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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Brakes Brakes

VGS offer a minimum 2 year/20,000 guarantee on all our work.

We can do this by selecting only the highest quality parts.

We prefer to use Genuine brake pads or Brembo which are the worlds leading brakes.

Brakes should not only stop you effectively and be able to withstand the stress of an emergency stop, but also you should get around 3 to 4 years life from a front pad and 5 to 6 years from a rear pad.

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Brake Service Brake Service

There more to brakes than just pads and discs.

Sometimes you may have healthy pads but have an annoying squeak or uneven braking.

Our compressive brake service can find out the caules so we can cure the problem.

We completely strip down every brake conponment on each wheel, clean, grease rebuild and adjust making sure they are safe and reliable.

We will also check the entire braking system for peace of mind.

Brake fluid plays an important role in the performance of your braking system. If your fluid is not changed in the service intervals it can cause moisture build up in the brake lines, this can lead to a spongy brake peddle and brake fade.

The usual service interval for a brake fluid change is every 2 years.

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Suspension Suspension

We can under go a range of suspension work from fixing leaks and stopping squeaks to lowering the whole car for a cool look.

Volkswagen and Audi Group vehicles have a fantastic but complex suspension setup.

The suspension is important for keeping the car on the road, driving straight and cornering/manoeuvring the car.

A worn suspension system could show itself as a squeak, knocking over bumps or the car not driving straight or veering off to the kurb.

What ever the issue it can be put back to new.

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Exhaust Exhaust

We have a range of exhausts from miltek to economical.

We can repair, renew or upgrade your exhaust system.

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Air-Con Air Conditioning

An air conditioning service is one of the most important maintenance items your car needs.

Not keeping up with your service can caules excessive wear on the pump that will lead to failure and a bacterial build up in the car that could caules health problems.

A service will get rid of any smells, make the air colder in the car and clear a misty screen much quicker.

Aircon regassing £54

Aircon bacteria cleaner £25

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Tyres Tyres

We fit a range of tyre ranging from Buget to Michelin.

We take the greatest care when fitting tyres as we know the importance of keeping your alloys scratch free and in mint condition.

We fit an extreamly wide range of tyres and have a vast knolage on all tyres.

Speak to us about your requirments and we’ll be happy to help.

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Wipers Wipers

We only use high quality wipers as wiper blades are often the unsung heroes on your car.

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Bulbs Bulbs

We have a huge range of bulbs in stock, all high quality and super bright.

There’s not really much you can say about bulbs is there.

Bulbs make you see in the dark!

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Service Battery

We offer a free battery check to find the exact condition of your battery to ensure it will never let you down and leave you stranded.

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Service Seasonal Checks

We offer a wide range of FREE seasonal checks.

Our seasonal checks include pre holiday inspections, winter checks, summer checks, tyre checks, I’m giving the car to my daughter and want to know its safe checks.

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