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Throughout the Volkswagen Group, the service interval of a Cambelt is 4 years regardless whether your mileage is low or average, If you cover excessive mileage i.e more than 20,000 miles a year then it will be required sooner.


The cambelt on a car is one of the most important components on the engine.

The cambelt is what drives the engine and keeps every thing synchronised.

If this belt was to stretch or snap the turning momentum of the crankshaft that the pistons are attached to will hit the valves in the cylinder head and cause major engine damage which can leave you with a very expensive bill, Although our labour rate is under half of a main dealer this is still a costly job.


The reason that cambelt intervals are put in place is because the belt is put under a lot of stress from constant strain of the engine, being made from rubber it is subject to weather deteriation.


A cambelt can look fine on inspection and still fail which is why Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and Audi are very strict on this interval.


To avoid this, simply keep an eye on the cambelt History marked off in your service book.


If you don’t know your Cambelt History, we strongly advise you have your belt renewed asap.

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